In the unlikely event you are not able to distinguish reality from the ridiculous (or are blonde - or from California)... this is our OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER page. Wow, this is funny?  Neat!

We disclaim any reference to the fact that Montana is anything but the greatest corner of the universe. 
We LOVE Montana!
This is a joke!

Montana-Sucks.com is a spoof

Montana-Sucks.com is a lampoon

Montana-Sucks.com is meant to be funny

Montana-Sucks.com is intended to make you want to visit the "last best place"

Montana-Sucks.com is a marketing ploy intended to get you to buy tee-shirts and other tourist trinkets - and ultimately make us rich so that we can quit our day jobs and spend our retirement touring, fishing and exploring the greatest place under the "Big Sky" - Montana USA!

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