What "THEY" said about this...

It is always nice that people will take the time to send us an email and say what they liked about our site. But before you decide to tell us this is the funniest thing you've seen in years, prove it... buy a shirt or at least a bumper sticker.  Do you think we do this because we're that bored here in Montana? Heck no, we want some of your money!

Oh and BTW, if you don't have anything nice to say you can bet we won't be including it here.

I am very sorry to say that I am visiting your state in a week... I am also a teenager, so I do not have very much going for me. However, I did enjoy your site, hence the reason I'm writing this email. I will try not to act like too much of a tourist, and I will spread the word that Montana sucks!
Teenager from Yankeeland

I found your website via searching for Montana information ... I love your website and it is a hit here at the office. We all enjoyed it!  Thanks!
C.J. from Montana

Man of few words from Ohio

why do u think montana sucks! if u dont like it then go to japan!!!
Mia from somewhere.... she just doesn't get it.

You guys are probably doing more for Montana's tourist industry than what's happening at the state level. I think me and my girlfriend read every page. Cool stuff.
Lenny D. from Ontario (hey?)

Hey, I bought the shirt and a bumper sticker. Do I win anything?
Mark J. from Seattle

Dear Mark,

This has to be the dumest thing i've seen in years, and i've seen some dum things.
Sorry, I guess we're just "dum"

Get the T-shirt... help keep tourists out of Montana